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Quick Claim Deeds and Cashiers Checks On Closing Day!

By Joyce Shipley | December 1, 2012

  Blogs happen when something prompts me to write them and today is one of those days.  Let me preface this by saying, I love my clients!  And I keep in mind that I have to impart to them the details so their life is easier and therefore mine is too.  But sometimes, things come […]

Answering your question…what happens at closing?

By Joyce Shipley | December 1, 2012

What happens at closing?  It is confusing and makes everyone anxious.  Once the escrow gets loan documents, several things have to happen.  a.            The escrow company completes a HUD statement of all the charges for both buyer and seller which is then sent to the lender to be approved.  This includes seller payoffs.   It also […]

Autumn in Gig Harbor!

By Joyce Shipley | October 31, 2012

The trees are turning and it is absolutely beautiful everywhere we look. 

America’s Most Hated Industries…

By Joyce Shipley | August 29, 2012

I received an article on Facebook from a friend yesterday and I decided to blog my response.  I think I shared with you my moving adventure earlier this month.  Now I will share with you that I bought 2 properties in WA in 2004 and 2 properties in 2005.  All from the proceeds of the […]

I know what you are going through!

By Joyce Shipley | August 8, 2012

At the end of May, 2005, my mom who was 88 and I drove to WA to visit my sister and one of my closest friends in Gig Harbor.  On the spur of the moment, I decided to sell my condo in Channel Islands and move to Gig Harbor.  I made an offer on a house after […]

Happy Father’s Day

By Joyce Shipley | June 16, 2012

In working yesterday for our Windermere Community Service Day assemblying furniture, I was reminded of my dad and some of the things he taught me about teamwork.  You see, I started going to work with my dad when I was really small.  He was a general contractor and built homes and churches in So. California. […]

Keeping your raspberries and blackberries from molding!

By Joyce Shipley | June 8, 2012

Berries are delicious, but they’re also kind of delicate. Raspberries in particular seem like they can mold before you even get them home from the market. There’s nothing more tragic than paying $4 for a pint of local raspberries, only to look in the fridge the next day and find that fuzzy mold growing on […]

Gig Harbor and Ventura

By Joyce Shipley | June 2, 2012

I was thinking about what I love about Gig Harbor and what I miss about Ventura, Ca where I was raised. We are surrounded by the Sound and everywhere I go I get views of the water that are breathtaking morning and night. Now that it has warmed a bit, we can go without a […]

First time homebuyers!

By Joyce Shipley | May 25, 2012

Before you make the decision to purchase a home, you should determine how much you can afford to pay for one.  In order to buy a home, most individuals have to obtain a mortgage, which is a loan for purchasing real estate.  A mortgage requires you to pay back the amount of the loan and […]