Gig Harbor June 2, 2012

Gig Harbor and Ventura

Crossing the Fox Island Bridge

I was thinking about what I love about Gig Harbor and what I miss about Ventura, Ca where I was raised.
We are surrounded by the Sound and everywhere I go I get views of the water that are breathtaking morning and night. Now that it has warmed a bit, we can go without a jacket a lot. And the smell of the air is wonderful…one of the things I noticed the first time I came up here in the 80’s was how good the air smelled. And the trees…love the trees. It fills my senses in a way that Ventura doesn’t but I miss the familiarity of the beach and Palm trees. Sometimes I ache for home so I go see everyone then I am ready and can’t wait to get back to Gig Harbor. And I miss the warm weather in Ventura in the winter but enjoy the occasional snow. Crazy isn’t it?