Gig Harbor June 16, 2012

Happy Father’s Day

In working yesterday for our Windermere Community Service Day assemblying furniture, I was reminded
of my dad and some of the things he taught me about teamwork.  You see, I started going to work with my dad
when I was really small.  He was a general contractor and built homes and churches in So. California. He always
had something for me to do to help him such as he would put on the molding around the hardwood floors and I would follow him setting the nails and puttying the holes before painting.  We were a team.

When he was building his home in Goleta, CA, I was hurt in a serious car accident when I was 20 and
spent the better part of two years in the hospital and in a wheel chair.  He created a big table for me to roll my
wheel chair under so I could measure and cut the sheet rock and he would hang it.  He hated to paint so I would cut the corners and along the crevice of the ceiling. Then he would roll the walls. After I was hurt, he did the cutting and set me up with a roller on a long pole so I could paint the walls from my wheelchair.  He taught me that nothing was impossible.

Dad instilled in me my work ethics and he always said, when the alarm goes off, get up and put your
feet on the floor.  It has carried me all these years through all kinds of challenges that I have had. I never give up.  Dad and I were Dodger fans and I am so happy that they are in first place this year! I have listened to the Dodgers with dad since I was 6 when they moved to LA.  Although my dad has been gone since December of 1995, I still miss him.  He could fix anything and he never graduated from high school.

So when I think of all the things we accomplish in life and work, I think of being on a great team!  And surrounding myself with people I can trust to share my life with is the most important thing to me and I thank my dad for all he taught me about being a team player.