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Real Estate For Sellers Today First Impressions are Everything In today’s real estate market, November 2023, we are seeing the same thing from buyers again and again. . .  It’s a great big Meh.  Doesn’t matter if we are showing properties to our own clients or talking with buyers at open houses.  The buyers are underwhelmed with the homes they are seeing.  And these […]
Real Estate Selling a childhood home can be an emotional and challenging task! Especially if your parents are downsizing or moving to assisted living. Perhaps one or both of them have passed away, and you are now tasked with selling the home. This can feel overwhelming, but with the right plan and approach, the process can be much more manageable. In this blog post, we will provide tips […]
Gig Harbor Getting Prequalified…before you look at homes!   It always seems that something drives to me write about issues that come up!  And here is another one that happened to two of my clients.  We looked at 10 – 12 homes, choose one that they fell in love with and all the while, thought they were prequalified…and they weren’t.  Lender rules have […]
Real Estate America’s Most Hated Industries… I received an article on Facebook from a friend yesterday and I decided to blog my response.  I think I shared with you my moving adventure earlier this month.  Now I will share with you that I bought 2 properties in WA in 2004 and 2 properties in 2005.  All from the proceeds of the […]
Real Estate Getting refinanced! I have a friend who bought their home in 2006 from a relative. So they paid top price. They have tried 10 times to refinance and their interest rate is almost 7 percent. They have always made their payments and their jobs wages have increased but were always told by their lender and other lenders […]
Gig Harbor Foreclosure frustrations! The banks are now asking for the buyer to pay the excise tax which is normally the seller’s responsibility! They are also demanding that the buyer pay both the seller’s as well as the buyer’s title and escrow fees which can dramatically increase the downpayment needed to close a transaction. In some cases this is […]
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