Gig Harbor February 4, 2021

Growth and Embracing Change

As I walked out of our offices on 19th St in Tacoma on Wednesday, I knew it would never be the same and I was overwhelmed with Sadness.  15 year ago, I arrived on Jan 6, 2005, fresh from Real Estate School, embracing change in a place I had lived 6 mos. And believing in my abilities to adapt and grow.  I walked into these offices and LOVED the space and the uniqueness of our offices. Our clients loved them and commented on them a lot.  I found a place to call my own by the window and surrounded by successful agents…Brent Tornquist on my right.  Jim Tutton in front of me and Matt and Tom Hume on my left.  Jeff Jensen had the corner office and his door was open.   So I listened and learned the lingo and had great mentors to ask questions of.  I kept a list of phone numbers…Kevin Mullin, Michael Robinson, Tom Hume and when I was writing an offer at 10pm at night, I knew where to get my questions answered and I wasn’t afraid to ask any ol’ dumb question.  I knew I had a home and a great support team.  Over the years, Jeff moved on to another company, Tom and Matt joined with David Gala and moved downstairs, Jim Tutton went on to a moving company which we all refer business to and Me and Brent held down the fort through all the many changes…but they left me in my space with the sun on my back and overhead light that was always on even when all the lights were out.  I could quietly work at night.

2020 has been full of change for me.  My son Scott, my right hand, passed on in February. He loved to go with me and did open houses with me and put out my signs, turned on and off lights and generally was my partner without his license.  And my loved MIL Jean passed on in December. I will miss her quiet and constant support.  I will go to CA occasionally but am looking forward to a vacation that doesn’t include driving to CA.    My friends and my son Brian and his spouse Charline have kept me going and I love them so much.  They have held my hand and grieved with me and allowed me to talk about it.   Very important.

2021 brought more change for the positive in my new partnership with Jason Helton from my office.  He has been working with me for almost 3 years and now we have made it official.  Jason is so warm and cuddly, but sharp as a tack.  And together we are off to a great start for 2021.

Change can be scary, and it can be invigorating.  We all must embrace it.  Writing my gratitude’s helps me greatly to realize all I must be grateful for even through the losses.  So when we come back to the new office in a few weeks, I will be sharing a desk.  And that means I have to keep it all tidy.  Hmmm.  I always know where everything is but it will be a challenge.  And I will be working from home in a space I have created that is all my own.  I will embrace the changes and the growth and look forward to a great year.